Oil & Gas

Oil and gas projects require the mobilization of a large number of people in remote areas. The access to numerous qualified professionals is not easy. We understand the different phases of an Oil and Gas project and is able to deliver the manpower required in a short period of time. We provides Oil and Gas manpower to oil rigs, oil exploration, petroleum engineering, oil sands, gas pipeline, Shipyards, Dry-docks in the refineries offshore or onshore, upstream, downstream, pipelines, production, and exploration jobs on hourly / short term/long-term hire basis in the following categories.

1. Argon Welders
2. Co2 Welder
3. Construction workers
4. Contract Administrator
5. Control Room Operator
6. Crane Operator
7. Electricians
8. Fitters
9. Gas Welders
10. Insulator
11. Jointers
12. Maintenance Foreman
13. MIG Welders
14. Pipe Fabricators
15. Pipe Fitters
16. Project Engineers
17. Riggers
18. Safety personnel
19. Sand blasters
20. Scaffolders
21. Shutdown specialists
22. Spray painters
23. TIG Welders
24. Welder -3G, 6G , ARCH